Trailer Training Lincolnshire

We offer B+E car and trailer training at our Lincolnshire based training centre to prepare you for towing on the road .

Trailer Training at access driver training

Due to changes in the law your driving licence will now entitle you to tow without taking a test, just because you can legally tow doesn’t mean you are confident to tow, reverse, load and couple/uncouple your trailer safely. To this end we now offer Towing Competence courses at our site in Spilsby to help you to improve your towing skills even if you don’t need to pass the B+E test.

 Our vehicle, trailer and Instructor

On the day you will be taught by Paul.  Not only is he a fully trained trailer trainer he also has numerous years of driving experience under his belt and you are in very safe and patient hands.

Training for the test exercises is conducted at our private full size training area in Spilsby, Lincolnshire in our vehicle and trailer.

Is it worth the risk not having trailer training?

Since the change in the law anyone with a valid car licence will be able to tow up to 3500kg behind their vehicle (vehicle specification dependant) the question is should You?

Be mindful of the possible risks of towing without any experience.

  • Towing heavy trailers has a high impact on the towing vehicle, it is important to know how to deal with this.
  • Reversing is completely different from a car and training will be of huge benefit especially to business users.
  • Employers may find that ensuring their employees are competent helps with insurance / liability.

Not to mention any injury you may do to yourself or other road users and the damage you might do to your expensive caravan, trailer or the occupants of your horse box….

Even though you are now entitled to tow legally, if you have little or no experience, our advice is to get some trailer training before you consider towing anything. We now offer half day and full day Towing Competence courses which are informative and enjoyable, with no pressure or restraint of testing with the DVSA you have more time to learn in a relaxed atmosphere.

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